Primary Classes

Valley School satellites

The two classrooms based at Valley School provide a play based, multi-sensory learning environment. Providing opportunities for new entrants to explore, discover and connect. Building the foundation skills to support lifelong learning and nurturing their sense of belonging.


Pukekohe East Satellite


The Pukekohe East satellite has a holistic approach to learning, seeking to address the physical, emotional, social, and academic needs of our students while enjoying the benefits of integration with our host school. The conscientious teaching staff work flexibly and with empathy to support and engage students in a learning program that celebrates the strengths and interests of our extra-ordinary students.

Pukekohe Hill Satellite

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We have one classroom here, where every student can learn in their own unique way. 

We create an inclusive, structured and fun environment where staff and students work together to achieve goals. In room 5, we value the collaboration between teachers, specialists and whanau to benefit our students.


View Road Satellite


View Road satellite thrives on being very community driven. Being based in a small town we are able to enjoy going for walks in the nearby forest and taking advantage of the community integration opportunities in Waiuku town e.g. going grocery shopping for our cooking lessons and enjoying the activities on offer at our local library. We follow a fun, practical approach to learning which is child centred. Our goal is to work together with our whanau to enable each of our students to feel safe and valued so they can reach their full potential. 

Tamaoho satellite

The Tamaoho Satellite is called “Koru” which means “New Beginnings” as we opened our doors in March 2021. Our unique learning spaces and programmes are tailored to the individual needs of our students. This includes a focus on social communication, physical and self- management skills, and development. Our students are at the heart of all our work as we aim to ensure they are happy in an inclusive and responsive learning community within the whole school.

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Pukekohe Intermediate Satellites

At Intermediate 1 we have rich initiatives, a progressive work environment and we are enthusiastic about student engagement. Our program comprises contemporary activities and an assortment of different opportunities for learners to generate stimulating content and new ideas. Whether its math, arts and crafts, a picnic at the park, making Matariki soup or just posing for a snap, we are guided by what our learners love, which motivates learning and development.

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Intermediate 2 follows a thematic and sensory based learning programme with the focus on student happiness, classroom community, independence and providing specialist programmes.  Learning activities are interactive and hands-on. Staff are committed to providing a safe learning environment where students can be calm and prepared for learning and interacting with others.