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Welcome to Parkside School

Teaching people with special needs

At Parkside School we strive to create the most effective learning programme for students aged from five to twenty-one years, to maximise their potential in preparation for the whole of life. Our specialist learning environments ensure that each young person has access to a personal, individualised, learning opportunity. The core pre-requisite to a Child’s success at Parkside School is the open, co-operative relationship forged between the Family-Whanau and the School.


Who we are

Parkside School is located in Pukekohe 45 minutes south of  Auckland Central City and has a roll of approximately 130 students. Parkside School is nationally recognised for working with students who fall into the broad categories of profound, severe and moderate disability.
Our Curriculum is designed to respond to an individual student's needs in a holistic way.
The key to success for a student is the open co-operative partnership between whanau and the School.


Contact Us

184 Wellington Street, Pukekohe 2120, New Zealand

09-238 9689

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