Mission Statement

At Parkside School we aim to positively affect all aspects of the Students’ development: intellectual, social, emotional and physical, and to facilitate the Students’ maximum potential in preparation for the whole of life.

Vision, Values and Principles

1: Promote quality learning by: 

  • Employing and retaining the best teachers. 

  • Ensuring that the requirements of the National Curriculum are fully implemented. 

  • Ensuring that an effective Individual Educational Programme and Individual Transition Programme are planned and implemented for each student. 

  • Use appropriate assessment information to support learning and therapy needs. 

  • Supporting students to achieve their maximum potential through effective teaching and therapy/specialist programmes. 

  • Embrace cultural diversity and acknowledge the important place of Maori within the New Zealand context. 

  • Employ a robust review process to identify aspects of teaching and programme delivery that require further attention and action. 

2: Provide a positive social, emotional and physical environment by: 

  • Supporting the social and ethical development of students. 

  • Modeling and fostering appropriate community values. 

  • Providing a nurturing environment that maintains emotional, and cultural safety and hauora. 

  • Acknowledging the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. 

  • Maintaining a physical environment that is safe, clean, aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for the unique abilities of the students. 

3: Value and encourage interaction with the wider community through: 

  • A working partnership between parents, whanau, caregivers and school. 

  • Celebrating diversity and multi-culturalism. 

  • Developing relationships with employers and community groups. 

4: Value all staff in their various roles by: 

  • Fostering and respecting individual strengths and diversity. 

  • Encouraging collegiality and co-operation. 

  • Demonstrating ethical and professional conduct. 

  • Communicating openly and effectively. 

  • Utilizing collaborative decision making processes. 

  • Providing appropriate professional development opportunities. 

  • Implementation of effective Induction programmes for all Staff. 

Maori dimensions and Cultural Diversity

All Students at Parkside School are respected and valued for their unique and individual contribution which is reflected in our School policy and procedures. Maori Students and their Whanau as tangata whenua hold a special place in the heart of our School. In best meeting the learning needs of our Maori Akonga we meet the needs of all.